All The Support You Need For a Difficult Time

If you are feeling backed into a corner, Life Supports Counselling has professional and certified counsellors and psychologists available for you. They are licensed to support those suffering from anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, relationships problems, parenting, sexual abuse, depression, difficultly with family, and anger management. The counselling services Sydney programs are designed to help individuals and families find themselves back on the right path through guidance and understanding.

What is Counselling?
The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy defines counselling as talking therapy of which takes place over a short or long-term period that brings about effective change. Counselling is a method of communicating with someone who gives you his or her total undivided professional attention. Counselling enables you to express your thoughts and fears freely. It’s your safe haven to express what you think about the world, yourself, and your family. You are not judged, only guided. There are no right or wrong answers or statements. You are placed in a comfortable informal environment at Life Supports Counselling.

002What are the Benefits of Counselling?
Countless number of families is being destroyed due to the overwhelming stress that life bears upon us. No matter who you are, you are bound to experience some type of hardship that may feel as though it’s more than you can handle. For some of us, it becomes a reality. We can go through an emotional roller coaster that never lets us off. We can become isolated from our family and friends.

Counselling will help you focus on yourself and your family members. You will learn how to appreciate your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Professional counselling places families back in a strong mental and physical state. It prevents more problems from surfacing without being dealt with calmly and effectively.

What to Expect
You could feel intimated during your first session of counselling. That is normal, and you should not be concerned. Your counsellor will attempt to make you feel as comfortable as possible. During your first session, the Life Supports Counsellor will discuss your background, your goals, treatment options, fees, and your schedule for therapy sessions. During this time, you should generate an idea if you are comfortable or not with the counsellor.

Concerns about Privacy
There is no need to be afraid or embarrassed to seek counselling services Melbourne. We respect your privacy and want you to feel safe and comforted. Our staff members are professional and your meetings with our counsellors are discreet. Don’t hold back on receiving the support you need here at Life Supports Counselling.

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