All Your Counselling Questions Answered

Counselling isn’t something everyone talks about, but it is something a lot of Australians seek. Counselling can help anyone, at any point in their life. If you are struggling with a certain problem, relationship or situation, a counsellor may be particularly helpful to you. Counselling is confidential and so allows you to fully open up and gain greater insight into your own life. This confidentiality is only limited if a counsellor considers there may be an immediate risk of harm to a specific person.

It’s also important to know that your counsellor can work in conjunction with, or separately, to other medical professionals. In some cases it may be appropriate for your counsellor and doctor to work together to help you.

011There are qualified and professional counsellors throughout Australia who can help you work through anything you are struggling with. Different counsellors have different areas of expertise, and as with any area, different people will respond better with some counsellors than others. You should always feel safe with your counsellor. Perth counselling services can be obtained as one off or ongoing sessions. The amount of sessions you want is entirely up to you, but your counsellor can help you consider time frames and the number of sessions that will be best for you.

A common concern for Australians can be a misperception that counselling is very expensive. Thankfully, under the Better Access initiative from Medicare, 10 counselling sessions can be covered per calendar year. These are only covered if you seek a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP before your counselling session. Sydney counselling services are priced differently, depending on each counsellor’s location and level of expertise, however affordable counsellors are available.

Seeking counselling is something that can help anyone. Millions of Australians suffer from temporary mental health problems each year, problems that can be resolved through counselling. Seeking a counsellor should be as simple as seeking medical help for a physical illness or injury.

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