Aptoide: The Best Alternative To Google Play Store

Are you a regular mobile user playing games and using apps? If yes, then you are missing the actual fun you can have while using the play store on your device. If you are tired of using the Google Play Store on your device, then you can switch to its alternative, which is known as Aptoide. It is a great alternative application store. While installing it, there is no need to go through the registration process. It gets updated in the real time. There are more than 300000 apps, you can see in this play store.

The interesting thing about the app store is that it offers you a comfortable rollback function, which gives you a chance to return to old versions of the most sought after apps. If you are interested in using it in the replacement of the Google Play Store, then you can do it easily.


When you are going to use this play store, it is good to look at its extraordinary benefits, which are mentioned below:

  • It has many applications to offer of different categories and genres, like social media, banking, technology, gaming and many others.
  • There are customized stores to be accessed in the play store. You can visit any of the customized stores to meet your needs related to apps and games.
  • The rollback function is the most interesting benefit of this play store.
  • It is available free of cost, saving you huge money
  • It acquires less space in your mobile like 11.02 MB


Of course, it has some drawbacks, like there is no parental control. Another one is that it has less quality guarantee, if you see the comparison with the Google Play Store.

What it offers?

This play store also gives users a privilege to see the adult content with the controlled settings. There is a particular website for apps with this type of content in the play store. You can control the visibility of the adult content from the settings option. There is the absence of parental controls or options for many users.

Simple to use

In spite of all lacks and strengths, it can be used easily. Aptoide apk gives users a chance to get it downloaded and installed in an easy and quick manner. You can manage your installed apps with no hassle. The download speed is identical to the Google Play. It is the Play Store for those, who do not want to use the Google to access the apps. On the other hand, if you want an app store for a mobile that does not support play, then this app store is a perfect way to meet your needs and expectations.

On the overall, it is a good and average play store in the market, which you can use for enhanced and interesting experience while having an access to many apps and games. So, what are you looking for? Download the play store and start visiting many sites and apps for more fun.

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