Avoid a Growing Winter Waistline

Unfortunately winter is a time where we generally all become a little lax with our exercise routines. We bundle on clothes and ignore the extra winter flab, miss our morning run to stay in bed and fill up with hearty winter meals like potato bake and roasts. This all means however, that come summer, we have lost everything we worked so hard for. We worry about bikini season, shorts and summer parties. It might be a bit more difficult to stay fit in winter, but it is worth it. Here are some indispensable tips to keep fit, toned and trim during the cold months:

Join a Gym

Joining a gym is the most surefire way to keep fit during winter. Going outside to exercise when it’s raining or freezing can feel almost impossible and deter you from regular workouts. It can also be bad for your body to exercise in the freezing cold. That’s where your Williamstown gym comes in handy. No matter what the weather is you have no excuse to miss a session – key to keeping fit.

Go, Even If You Have a Cold

Even if you have a cold, or are feeling a little under the weather, you shouldn’t skip a workout. It’s different if you’re truly sick, but almost everyone gets a mild case of the snuffles in winter and it can be enough to derail a whole winter if you let it. Consider lightening up your routine, spending more time on stretches or warm up – go easier on yourself, but don’t give up.

Change Things Up

In winter it can feel like there is nothing less appealing than working out. You’d rather be curled up in bed or on the couch. That’s why it is important to change up your workout – just like you change your wardrobe. Consider having a few personal training sessions to set new goals and learn new moves for your body. Williamstown personal training can be indoor or outdoor and help you take winter as a time to move forward, not back.

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