Composite Veneers: Your Questions Answered

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are often called ‘instant orthodontics’ because of their ability to hide a range of cosmetic dental issues. They are shells of tooth coloured composite resin that are made to fit your mouth and improve your smile dramatically. Veneers can also be made of porcelain.

What Can Veneers Fix?

There are many cosmetic problems that composite veneers can fix immediately. Veneers can be used to cover spacing between teeth that is too wide, as well as broken or chipped teeth. They can also be used to cover teeth that are shaped badly or appear crooked and uneven. They can also be an immediate and complete fix for teeth that appear stained due to diet, smoking or medicine, as well as the stains or ugly appearance that can come with fillings. Many options are available in Melbourne cosmetic dentistry to fix some of the above problems, however veneers offer the most immediate and drastic improvement.

Your veneers can fix the way your teeth appear, but not any orthodontic problems with your jaw alignment, or an overbite or under bite. These require orthodontics.

What Are The Benefits Of Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers have many benefits over porcelain veneers, but in the end the decision must be made depending on your personal circumstances. Your dentist can help advise you with what is best for you.

Most important to many people is that composite veneers can be placed in one dentist visit. Both composite and porcelain veneers require some tooth to be taken away to allow for placement of the veneers. In the case of porcelain veneers this must be taken away in one appointment and then another appointment made for the placement of the porcelain. This means a time period where the teeth look strange. In the composite veneer procedure this is not a problem as everything is done in one visit.

Composite veneers are also cheaper than porcelain veneers, making them a more popular and accessible choice. This lower cost also applies to maintenance, as whilst composite veneers can be repaired, porcelain veneers cannot.

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