Could Your Child Benefit From Counselling?

We all want what is best for our children, but sometimes circumstances make life hard for them. This might be an event such as moving, a divorce, a death of a loved one, or even bullying.

When a child experiences traumatic events they may respond differently to adults, but their pain and suffering can be internalised and affect them for the rest of their life. Counselling can help your child find a place of support, where they may feel more able to talk freely than with you, your partner or their family members. If the issue is related to a family matter they may feel unable to discuss openly with you their feelings. So how can you know what to do?

Signs Your Child Might Need Help

Your child may be quite obviously struggling with a divorce or traumatic event. This could manifest itself in sadness, fear or even anger. In these cases it may be quite simple for you to realise that they need external support, and if they are older they may even ask for it. However often things aren’t this simple. Children may appear to be fine, but their struggles may show themselves in other ways. If your child has sleeping problems, or a drastic change in their eating habits, these may be symptoms of an emotional issue. They may also have changes in personality – becoming much quieter, or quick to anger. Another way you may notice they would benefit from counselling is if they come to you with concerns about money, or about your health and wellbeing. If they feel the weight of looking after the family they may feel unable to talk to you about their own problems and unhappiness.

How Counselling Can Help

Brisbane child counselling addresses your child at their cognitive level, providing a place of support free from the complications of family life. The counsellor is there to listen to your child’s hopes and fears. It is much better for a child to have support than to internalise their emotions, or to take them to a person who may not have their best interests at heart. When children feel sad at home, they may turn to friends who do not have the ability to help them in a positive way. Counsellors in Brisbane have the training and experience to help your child.

Life counselling at this formative period can help them through the rest of their childhood and adulthood. If you are worried, seek a professional evaluation and talk to your child about whether or not they might like to see a counsellor.

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