Counselling For Children And Adolescents

Childhood and adolescence are shaping and growth periods that have a huge influence on the trajectory of a person’s life. However, childhood and adolescence can come with great challenges at school, home and in the world.

There are many different reasons a parent or caretaker may seek counselling for their child or adolescent. Difficulties at school or changing family relations can all be catalysts for seeking outside help. In fact, 14% of children and adolescents living in Australia struggle with mental health or behavioural problems, a statistic that doesn’t include the many children who struggle with family changes internally or with less drastic behavioural symptoms. So how can a counsellor help your child, and in doing so, help your family?

Set Good Patterns
015Childhood and adolescence are a time of setting patterns that can stay with someone for life. Healthy eating, good family relationships, taking care of oneself and positive self image are all affected by the period of childhood and adolescence. If a child or teenager sets good patterns when they are young, they will have far greater success in maintaining them. Melbourne teenage counselling can help to rectify any bad patterns, before they become more difficult to resolve.

Resolve Problems Early On
Resolving problems that your child or teenager faces before they reach adulthood is far better than waiting and hoping something may resolve itself, or that the child may ‘grow out of it’. Child counselling in Melbourne focuses on addressing kids at their cognitive level and helping them understand and work through any problems they might be facing.

Enjoy Better Relationships
A positive relationship with your child is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Your Melbourne counsellor can work with you and your teen or child to improve your relationship. Individual counselling can help relationships by addressing each individuals needs and desires whilst group counselling can work on dynamics.

Feel Supported
In past times a whole village would raise a child, but nowadays parents can feel alone. Being supported by someone who has your child or teens best interests at heart is a fantastic part of counselling. A counsellor provides a person whom your young person can speak to. A child or teenager knows a counsellor will be confidential, whilst you can be secure in the knowledge they will provide positive advice.

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