Drug Therapy: What Treatments Can Help?

Drugs have the power to destroy lives – not just the life of the addict but of their family. However, despite the pain and destruction, there can be life and hope after drug abuse. Australia’s National Drug Strategy is about harm minimisation – reducing the potential harms of drug addiction, acknowledging that completely stopping is not always possible. However the programs in place all can help a person to stop drugs completely, if that is what they want. So what sorts of programs are in place?

Physical Help
Drug addiction is both physically and psychologically harmful. It is necessary to address physical concerns to have successful harm reduction. Withdrawing usually entails painful symptoms, however withdrawal methods can help minimise these. There are also pharmacotherapy plans that involve replacing a drug with medication. This can help stop cravings and allow for psychological and physical recovery. This is only possible with some types of drugs.

Drug counselling is the most common type of treatment plan. Adelaide drug counselling can be in individual or group scenarios. Drug counselling aims to find strategies to avoid drug use, provide support in a difficult transitionary period and address issues that may have lead to drug abuse.

Family Support
To break free from drugs people need a support group. Often this is their family and loved ones. It is important that a recovering drug addict, or a person who is attempting to minimise drug use, has a supportive and loving base to fall back on. This means having someone to talk to, having a safe place and having people there to check on the individual in need of help. However this can be draining for the family and loved ones. That’s why support also exists for these people. If you are beginning a new life with a recovering drug addict then Adelaide relationship counselling can help work through issues, to allow a positive relationship to exist.

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