Early Eye Examination Prevents Blindness


Source: http://eyediologyopticians.co.uk/

Medical Journal of Australia has found around 1000 with significant loss of vision in at least one eye among 65,000 four-year-olds a year.

Children doesn’t know they have a problem and appears to be functioning normally to the eyes of their parents, because in most cases, nobody would have noticed because the stronger eye compensates for the weaker eye.

If problems aren’t found until later, the child will never end up with normal vision, even though there may be improvements at a later time.

“Parents are absolutely surprised when they realise their child has poor vision in one eye, and they are absolutely delighted when they see the response to treatment,” says Prof Martin of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney.

Prof Martin also firmly believes that it should be a normal program.

Parents who have a concern about their child’s vision should not wait for screening, they should seek a GP or early childhood health centre.

The NSW program differs from most other areas of the country because it focuses more on children at pre-school and day care. It also offers a catch-up program for children up to the age of five.


Source: 9News – “Preschool checks prevent blindness: report”

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