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A common complaint of those who work out regularly is that at some point they stopped seeing results or changes in their body. A plateau is normal, especially if you were initially losing a lot of weight. When you have a lower body fat index your body tends to hold onto the last kilograms more tightly, so they are more difficult to lose than the first few.

007Be Inspired
Being inspired isn’t only about motivating yourself to go to the gym, its being enthusiastic when you’re there. Doing your sets, or your same old workout, is boring for your mind and body. At some point you will stop improving. That means throwing some gusto into what you’re doing – add intensity, reps or change up the work out completely.

Be Injury Conscious
An injury can derail even the most dedicated fitness freak. If you’re training hard, or you have begun a new training program, it is very easy to be injured. Prevention is the best cure, so train carefully and stay within your limits. If you have just begun working out, consider an activity that does not have a high impact on your body and is supervised. Yoga in Port Melbourne can be a great activity for beginners or professionals, as it keeps your body limber and strong.

Know Your Goal Body
Knowing your body is essential to continuing to see good results. If you want to gain muscle you’ll be wasting time if you only ever do cardio. If you want to lose weight and not bulk up then you will have a different type of routine. Melbourne personal training can be a great way to have a professional assessment of your body and your goals. Personal trainers are also able to advise you as to ongoing workouts and supervise you to avoid injury.

Be Part Of A Group
Being part of a group is priceless in terms of committing to exercise and getting results. Ask a friend to be your fitness buddy, or meet new likeminded people at your local gym. Attending a gym in Melbourne is a great way to have access to classes, facilities and commit yourself to regular exercise.

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