Improve the Look of Your Teeth

007Cosmetic dental procedures vary widely in cost, treatment length and invasiveness, depending on the problem you wish to solve. Your Melbourne dentist should discuss with you any cosmetic concerns, as well as addressing any dental health problems. The most common cosmetic concern tends to be the colour of teeth.

Why Do Teeth Become Discoloured?
There are a huge range of reasons teeth may become discoloured. Medications, root canal, health treatments and food and drink can all discolour your teeth. Some discolouring agents such as certain foods and drink are avoidable, however others may not be. The discolouration from some medications or health problems may require a different treatment than discolouration due to other reasons. If there is a root health problem that discolouration is a symptom of, this will need to be treated first for the best end result.

How Can I Improve The Look Of My Teeth?
There are many ways to improve the look and whiteness of your teeth. Cutting back on coffee, tea and cigarettes can all improve your smile. Some sugary food and drinks will also increase your likelihood of bad dental health and undesirable cosmetic effects. Brushing your teeth regularly is cosmetically and medically advisable In the case of this mild discolouration due to time and foods and drink, teeth whitening in a Melbourne dental clinic can improve your smile immediately.

If you have more serious discolouration dental veneers may be a better option. These are a more drastic measure, but can completely cover any discolouration due to medications, root canal or other severe factors. The veneer completely covers the tooth and therefore effectively removes the problem.

Your Melbourne cosmetic dentist can advise you as to the best procedure for your concerns. Your smile affects how happy, healthy and even clean, you look. A white smile speaks of confidence, attractiveness and good hygiene.

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