Overcoming the Barriers to Seeking Counselling

Seeking counselling for a problem you are facing should be no different than going to see a doctor, yet some Australians hesitate before asking for professional help with mental or emotional concerns. The reasons for this are varied and personal, however a few key barriers are identified and overcome below. Most important is to remember that seeking professional counselling is a way to overcome something, and is not an indicator that you are weak or incapable.

Fear Of Social Stigma
Social StigmaA key reason that Australians may not seek counselling is a fear that their friends and family may judge them for it. However it is possible to find counselling services through searching online and it is not necessary that anyone find out. Counselling is confidential, so you are safer in sharing your concerns with a counsellor than with someone with an active role in your life. Secondly, the social stigma around counselling is fading and in many cases simply imagined by the potential client. Millions of Australians seek help every year.

Ignoring Mental Health Concerns
Sometimes people choose to ignore mental health concerns, hoping that they will simply resolve themselves. Unfortunately, conditions such as anxiety, anger control and depression rarely self resolve. The good thing is that these conditions are generally temporary, and can be overcome through counselling. Canberra counselling services can work on whatever you’d like- a particular crisis, ongoing mental health concern or relationship.

Another reason Australians may fail to seek counselling is the belief that it is too expensive. However, there are a vast range of counsellors available with varying prices and affordable sessions. Secondly, you may be eligible to receive Medicare support if you see your doctor before obtaining a counsellor. The Better Access to Mental health initiative allows for 10 visits with rebates per year under certain circumstances. Speak to your doctor about obtaining counselling services in Adelaide and your potential remuneration.

Obtaining counselling can be affordable, confidential and life changing. Don’t hesitate to seek counselling for yourself, your relationships or a child if you feel it may help.

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