Symptoms and Signs You May Need Root Canal Treatment

Not many people love going to the dentist, but the alternative is always far worse. Irregular dentist visits and failure to seek professional help for dental problems can result in serious health conditions. These conditions can be in the mouth, but they can also spread throughout the body. Root canal treatment treats diseased ‘pulp’, the blood vessels, nerves and pulp in the centre of the tooth. Teeth can function without these pulp, but diseased pulp can cause serious problems.

Swelling of gums is not a normal dental state and should be treated as soon as possible. If a tooth is affected by diseased pulp the gum near by may be swollen. You may also have swelling in your face, around the dental area. Go to your dentist in Melbourne  as soon as possible in this case.

Pain And Sensitivity
Pain and sensitivity can be symptoms of a large array of dental problems. Simply having spontaneous pain or sensitivity to hot or cold food does not mean you will need root canal – but it does mean you have a dental problem. You should see your dentist to find out the cause of the pain. This can generally be ascertained in a regular dental appointment that you make once noticing the pain, but if the pain is unbearable or strong you should seek emergency dental in Melbourne.



Visible Signs Of Infection

Signs of infection may be oozing pus, inflammation or a loosening tooth. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then you may need Melbourne root canal treatment.

Not treating disease in the pulp tissue promptly can have serious health and cosmetic implications in the short and long term. Aside from serious pain, untreated disease in the soft tissues of the mouth can cause tooth decay and loss. If teeth are lost due to diseased pulp you may be unable to have dentures or other dental replacements in the future because of unviable tissues.

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