All About Tesla Model 3; The New Model Specs & info

Being the only electric vehicle in the luxury sedan class cars, the new Model of tesla, it has all that what a buyer would look into a luxury car. Coming at a reasonable and exciting price of just $69,500, the new model of Tesla is raising many eyebrows ever since it has been launched. So we look into what all the company coming up in this version:

What`s all new in a luxury car?

Rather than changing and bringing those intrinsic over the edge cutting features that in a way lead to a hefty price, Tesla this time has focused on rolling up the updates especially on its software and other electronics. In the year 2016, what it was found that the model received the front end restyling exactly similar to what was present in the Model X SUV. The model had updated features like the new air filtration system, headlights, semi-autonomous autopilot driving technology. The company also went out to phase out the 70 and the 70D variants and introduced the entry level 60 and the 60D software version.

A brief overview of the new Tesla Model

It`s one of those cars companies that doesn’t follow the traditional way of car manufacturing and this is the reason why it has come up with a unique, yet advanced version of the Tesla model 3 this time. The battery luxury comes at the premium ends of the spectrum with redefined style, class performance, and overall functionality. The model has a very peculiar thing in it that has kept the customers shed heavy bucks for it.

Now coming to the driving range and the charging time, most of the EVs fall flat on their claims and the response doesn’t turn out to be that good. But such is not the case with the Tesla model S that renders 210-214 miles of different range. Tesla`s free rational network of the Super rapid chargers makes the  Model S viable for the steering longer trips.

Coming to the performance, well being a luxury car, it is pretty impressive, quick and catches speed within 60 seconds making it one of the best and world`s quickest cars. The entry level of 60D model is fast, and the price also isn’t high. A middle-class buyer can buy the Tesla S model by slightly increasing the budget.  Well, this is what one can certainly do; after all who doesn’t like to park a luxury car in the garage.

Though the 2013 model of Tesla had some reliability issues, but all these issues were resolved in the service called itself by the company. Since the company was also in the growing stage, these issues were suppressed much before they make noise.

At the same time, it`s also very important to note that other luxury cars in this price segment do not offer electric-only propulsion.  It`s only the branded top luxury brands like the BMW, Mercedes which offer these features. And if you are looking for an EV, then this Tesla S model is certainly one to go for. It`s a class of a car and won`t disappoint you all.

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