The Truth About Successful Anger Management



We learn how to deal with emotions from a young age – learning from parents, friends, teachers and others in our life. However sometimes we learn the wrong ways to control our anger, or our old strategies stop working. Problems with anger management are common, as are myths about the best ways to conquer anger problems.

The problem with misconceptions about anger management is that often, without professional help, we can make the problem worse. Anger management therapy is all about learning strategies that work for you, to help you manage anger effectively. Often there is some truth to myths about anger management, but taken too far they can be dangerous. So what are some ideas about anger and how true are they?

Anger Management Means Suppressing Anger
Successful anger management is never about suppressing anger. It may involve suppressing violent behaviours, but not emotions. Anger management relies on mindfulness and a greater awareness of your emotions, so that you can control them. Expressing anger is important, but only in safe and healthy ways. Often anger problems stem from a deeper issue, not because all the situations in your life require an angry response. Once you address this issue you may find you are simply angry less often.

Anger isn’t Controllable
We can’t control all situations in our life, but we can always control our own reaction. Controlling anger is important for maintaining jobs, relationships and our own health. A Melbourne anger management therapist can help you with finding strategies that help you control anger – but it is always controllable.

Anger is an Effective Tool
Sometimes people persist with their anger because they think it is an effective tool. Whilst anger can be useful when we are in danger, it isn’t useful in most situations. Using anger to intimidate people is not effective in the long run, and is destructive of relationships. A melbourne anger management course can focus on the situations where you feel unempowered and help you find new strategies for asserting yourself.

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