Top 3 Common Dental Complaints (And How To Fix Them)

Your teeth fill both a functional and aesthetic role, and compromising either role is never pleasant. Great dental hygiene means a healthy, white and clean smile. However it isn’t uncommon that people suffer with dental problems like bad breath, discolored teeth or a crooked smile. Luckily all of these common problems can be resolved by a qualified and experienced dentist.

Bad Breath
Bad breath isn’t good for business, relationships or your self esteem. Bad breath can be a temporary symptom of forgetting to brush your teeth that morning or eating garlic, but it can also be a symptom of bigger dental problems. If you have chronic bad breath visit your dentist in Werribee to find out what can be done to cure it. Regular brushing and flossing, as well as mouth rinses, can help keep those with healthy teeth smelling fresh and fantastic.

009Discoloured Teeth
Discoloured teeth are a common result of sugary diets, irregular brushing, coffee drinking or smoking. Yellowed teeth appear unattractive and unhealthy, even if in reality they are not. White teeth are considered as a sign of good hygiene and attractive looks. Thankfully, Wyndham teeth whitening services can be obtained in house at your dentist. Remember that teeth whitening does not improve teeth health, only appearance. Regular brushing will keep your teeth white post treatment.

Crooked Smile
A crooked smile is a common complaint, and unavoidable if you are genetically inclined towards one. However, that doesn’t mean you can never have a Hollywood smile. Invisalign provides a comfortable and near invisible way of changing your smile from crooked to straight. Gone are the days of ‘train track’ braces and uncomfortable adjustments. Wyndham Invisalign services are customised to each client, to adjust your teeth as needed.

There is no need to suffer a smile that embarrasses you any longer. Your breath can be minty fresh and your teeth pearly white and straight. Talk to a professional and experienced dentist about the options available to improve or eliminate any concerns you have about your teeth.

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