Ultimeyes: A Health Game That Will Improve Your Vision

For a game that says it will make your eyeballs work better, Ultimeyes isn’t exactly a work of art. It’s a work of science, though, one that presents a series of eye-training challenges in game-like form.

Ultimeyes comes from Carrot Neurotechnology, a company that counts former game developers among its number. Adam Goldberg, a former executive producer from Activision is the CEO and CTO and Steve Ganem worked at Neversoft and is now a co-founder and president of SuperVillain Studios. The app that’s already available for desktop with mobile version debuting has players tracking down a series of grey blobs on the screen as they change in location and orientation.

A study based on the technology’s brain training principles was done using 19 players from a University of Californica, Riverside baseball team with each playing Ultimeyes for 30 25-minute intervals.

The players later said that they could see farther by an average of 31%. Some even improved their vision to 20/7.5, so they could essentially see at 20 feet what others could percieve clearly at 7.5 feet. You’ll definitely feel a shift in focus when running through Ultimeyes’ challenges.

Improvements typically happen after eight weeks but individual results vary, with benefits happening sooner.

Source: Kotaku.com.au – “A Health Game That Claims It Will Improve Your Vision”

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