Unexpected Death on Youth Studied

Source: Sky News Australia

The issue of sudden death occurring towards healthy young people was a recurring issue for many years. With the total of two to three cases a week in the two countries, without the parents knowing the exact reason why.

Doctors in New Zealand and Australia are starting to unravel the mystery plaguing  their respective countries. There are young and healthy people aged below 35 with no known life-threatening conditions which is deducted by University of Sydney Professor of Medicine Chris Semsarian, who is leading the study.

The tragedy of the death is worrisome enough for the parents to not know what happened leads to a lot of doubt, and a lack of closure.

However, preliminary indications shows that about one in three of the unexplained deaths has an underlying genetic heart issue that the family knows nothing about. This means that the person’s relatives could be saved if they partake in a blood test for the faulty gene.

It is essential to speak to their GP about being tested.

Preventative measures for people at genetic risk ranges from advice about avoiding strenuous activities to medicines like beta blockers or implanted device to keep the heart beating.

Source: Sky News.com.au – Youth Cardiac Arrest Part of Study

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