When Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removal?

011It is very common in today’s society to have your wisdom teeth removed. Removing wisdom teeth can improve dental appearance, lower the risk of gum disease, and the health of the second molar.

Second Molars’ Health
Wisdom teeth can cause problems for the second molars, especially when they grow out sideways. Though straight wisdom teeth can be entirely unproblematic, when they grow out in the wrong direction they can impact badly on the second molars. Ligament and root surrounding these molars can be seriously impacted by wisdom teeth that are left and not extracted.

Though overcrowding is not always due to wisdom teeth, they can be a factor. Removing wisdom teeth can provide more space in the jaw and make teeth less crowded. Melbourne Wisdom teeth removal may be part, or all, of the solution for your overcrowded teeth.

Gum Disease
If there is too much pocket depth behind the second molars then serious problems can result. This can worsen over time and result in gum disease. Removal of the wisdom teeth can improve this situation.

Impacted wisdom teeth are those that have failed to break through the gum. These can cause serious problems if not removed. Regular checkups at your Melbourne dental clinic can keep an eye on wisdom teeth and if they are breaking through, or trying to.

Partial Eruption
A partial eruption of the wisdom tooth can cause an operculum to form around the tooth., This makes teeth difficult to clean. It can also result in the accumulation of debris and bacteria, causing infection and serious pain.

Speak to your Melbourne dentist if you feel concerned that your wisdom teeth are causing you pain or dental problems.

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