When Should You Seek Relationship Counselling?

Relationships are a big part of most people’s lives. Our self-confidence can be hugely impacted by the positivity of our relationships, especially romantic ones. Positive relationships serve as a source of support, reliability and happiness. However sometimes relationships or marriages can begin to sour, or experience downs. In these cases it might be a good idea to seek counselling. So when should you seek relationship counselling?

019Failing Marriage
Seeking marriage counselling in Brisbane is a good idea if you feel your marriage is beginning to fail. Difficulties in a marriage can be very painful, especially if kids are involved. While marriage counselling may not always be able to rectify the issues you and your partner face, you may be able to find harmony. Many couples also avoid separation and begin to enjoy a happier, healthier relationship. In the case that a split is inevitable, seeking counselling may help with an easier and healthier split. This is especially important in cases where the marriage produced children and partners will remain in one another’s lives. Marriage counselling is not about telling you what to do, it is about facilitating discussion about you as individuals and your partnership.

Before Big Relationship Changes or Decisions
Some people choose to seek counselling before they make a big change or decision. This may be to get married, move in together, or another big event. Counselling can help ensure both parties are on board with the decision and that you will move forward together.

Increasing or Constant Fighting
Brisbane relationship counselling may be a good idea if you feel you have begun to fight more with your partner, or you are constantly arguing. These may be typical ‘yelling’ arguments, or an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction. It is a good idea to seek counselling as soon as possible, as these issues tend to escalate.

There are many other reasons why you may choose to seek relationship or marriage counselling. If you feel unhappy or dissatisfied in your relationship seeking outside help could help you save it, or leave it, if that is what you need. Life supports counselling have a large network of accredited counsellors who can help you and your partner move forward, in whichever way is best for both of you.

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