When to Seek Separation Counselling?

At this time of year it’s very common for relationships to end. Holidays mean more time spent with family and the New Year can result in re-evaluations of our lives. Whatever the reason, if you are going through a separation, counselling may be able to help. Relationships may end due to a huge range of reasons, or a mixture of a few. Sometimes it may not be possible, or you may not want to, continue with a relationship. However often separations come with ongoing grief, anger and bitterness. This is especially toxic if children are involved. So when should you seek separation counselling?

020Children are Involved
Having children involved in a relationship separation makes everything more complicated. To minimise the emotional trauma for children it is best if the couple can maintain a civil relationship. Separation counselling services in Sydney will focus on you as a couple, but you can also choose to have counselling for your children. This will allow the whole family to move into a new stage more easily.

Abusive Relationship
If you have been in an abusive relationship and are trying to end it, or have ended it, counselling can be extremely helpful. An abusive relationship leaves many scars but counselling can help with closure and breaking destructive cycles. You can also receive support to stay away from abusive partners and to regain self confidence.

Great Anger or Bitterness
Often a separation can leave one or both parties with great anger or bitterness. In this case Brisbane counselling services may be able to help you move past this stage and accept the split. Your counsellor will also help you deal with your emotions healthily, rather than releasing them in dangerous ways.

Put simply, if you feel you may need counselling, then you should seek it. Outside support through your separation can help you minimize the emotional trauma that can accompany a split from a partner.

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