Why Are My Teeth No Longer White?

Over time our teeth often lose their healthy, white appearance. But why? A huge number of edibles, beverages and other factors can contribute to the discoloration of our teeth. Coffee and tea are two common contributors to the yellow appearance of teeth, as is red wine. Unnaturally coloured foods and other treats full of sugar can also affect our teeth. Smoking is another common road to yellow teeth.

We all want a bright white smile but we don’t necessarily want to give up all these daily pleasures! So how can we get our pearly whites back? Teeth whitening is a hugely popular dental treatment that can improve discoloration and give you the smile you want. If you have an exciting event coming up you may be especially keen to get your teeth whitened.

How can I whiten my teeth?

zoom-whiteningThere are many ways to whiten your teeth – from at home treatments, whitening toothpaste, dental procedures and DIY whitening kits you can buy at pharmacies. Obviously however these whitening techniques vary hugely in effectives. Our dental office wants you to have the best results possible, so at Core Dental Group we offer both ZOOM! In-chair whitening and customised at home whitening kits. A combination of the two is also possible to suit your needs.

ZOOM! in-chair whitening is an easy and safe procedure with amazing results, that suits people with events or time-constrained needs to have their teeth whitened. It only takes an hour and has instantaneous results.

On the other hand the gel we offer for at-home whitening is a more diluted form of the in-chair whitening and therefore takes longer to see the same results. This is still an effective choice if you don’t need your teeth whitened right away.
A combination of the two procedures can be great for immediate results and then ongoing maintenance and improvement.

Don’t forget however that the most important thing is your smile is healthy. Before you choose any type of teeth whitening you should have a check-up to ensure your oral health is sound. To have a chat about how you can whiten your teeth,  please visit the official site of Core Dental and find the clinic near you.

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