Why Practice Yoga?

008Whether you’re a fitness junkie, a beginner or anywhere in between, yoga is a fantastic form of exercise. Popular with celebrities and regular people alike, yoga is suitable for any level of fitness. It is also a great way to round out an exercise routine, or keep fit without engaging in draining cardio. Yoga can be customised for varying ailments and unlike running or other heavy impact sports, will be less destructive on beginners or aging bodies. Which isn’t to say you wont see real fitness results!

Muscle Tone
So many models love yoga because it gives long, lean lines to your muscles. A comprehensive yoga workout will involve your whole body, toning everything. This muscle tone not only makes you look better, but will make your body burn calories even when you aren’t working out. Yoga sculpts muscles and can be toning with or without extra exercise.

Stress Relief
Yoga is not only a form of exercise but a spiritual and meditative process. Yoga calms the nerves and reduces stress and tension. The postures and breathing exercises bring calm and peace to the exercise, making it an ideal way to chill out after a long week or day at work.

Flexibility is an important part of good health. Though bodies naturally lose flexibility as they age, regular yoga can retain and increase flexibility. This makes other exercise and every day activities easier. Yoga in Elwood will focus on improving your flexibility and strength, making your body work more easily, smoothly and healthily.

Symptomatic Relief
Research shows that yoga can relieve or eliminate symptoms of a huge range of health problems. These include headaches, blood pressure, asthma, back pain and even arthritis.

You should always practice yoga with a skilled and professional instructor, who can watch for injury and guide postures. Yoga is a wonderful whole body exercise, but you can damage yourself if you do not take care. Your health club in Elwood will offer supervised classes that ensure you continue to improve, without injuring your body.

Enjoying the benefits of yoga is as simple as joining a class and trying it out.

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