Why Seek Professional Help For Depression?

Depression is unfortunately a common experience, with 1 in 6 people in Australia suffering depression at some stage of their life. Seeking the help you need however is the best way to combat depression and minimise the time and intensity of the suffering. Depression is treatable, no matter the severity, and the sooner you seek help the easier treatment can be.

How do you know if you have depression?
Depression is not simply sadness, it is a legitimate and difficult illness. Depression may feel like sadness but lasts for weeks, months or even years and can have many and varied symptoms. These symptoms vary depending on the person and the causes of their depression.

Some common symptoms however can be sadness that lasts excessively long, or is unusually intense considering life circumstances. Depression can also cause a person to feel very tired and lethargic, which may also come with difficulties in maintaining regular sleeping patterns. Eating habits can also be affected, either to the point of not wanting to eat, or overindulging out of comfort. Depression can also cause severe emotional pain, resulting in feelings of shame and worthlessness.

It may manifest itself in relations with others, causing an individual to become easily annoyed, angry or upset. Many of these feelings are experienced in life every now and then, but if they become ongoing, intensify or make it difficult to complete normal tasks, then you may need to seek professional depression counselling.

Why seek help?
Seeking professional help is essential if you have clinical depression, because it does not resolve itself. The longer you suffer from clinical depression the more deeply ingrained in its habits and thought processes you become, and the harder it will be to recover.

Depression can seriously impact your life, causing problems at home, work and in your personal sense of self. You may find it difficult to maintain jobs, relationships and activities you enjoy if you continue to suffer from depression.

Most importantly, depression is not something you can ‘fix’ by yourself, nor is it a sign of weakness. Counsellors in Sydney are experienced and trained in helping others who suffered from depression and have taken back their life.
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